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Reading Sustainability Centre

Reading Sustainability Centre website.

The purpose of the Reading Sustainability Centre is to act as a focal point and show case for the most applicable and practical sustainability solutions for the community of Reading. The centre will provide a hub of information and a meeting place for community groups and businesses who are interested in doing more to address their impacts within their own areas of interest and business. The centre will also provide an enterprise hub, an innovation lab and a social enterprise community centre for local start-up businesses in the sustainability and social enterprise field.

3 January 2014

There will be a meeting on Friday evening 10th Jan 2014 to talk about the shape of things to come regarding these ideas. RBC Civicoffices Room 4  7:00 pm.  We welcome you input.

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16 December 2013, some things about aims and objectives of the Sustainability centre that have not been well communicated (sorry); these will be in line with those of GREN but will include much greater emphasis on outreach to and inclusion of the general population. We are envisaging an exhibition/presentation spaces which will present best practice environmental, ecological, sustainable, energy and money saving ideas in an easily understandable way. We aim to be inclusive of the broadest range of communities and community groups as possible.

12 December 2013, the meeting will now be in RBC offices at the Civic Centre. Thank You RBC and the organiser there.

11 December 2013 notes below:-

We have had a lot of interest and replies and Tony and others will be meeting some people over the next few weeks and RBC the second week of January.

There is likely to be a meeting of interested parties in the new year on a Friday 10th January at 7:30 in a room at RISC,  Anyone fancy setting up a doodle for it to make sure that this date works please talk to Tony.

We have twelve on my growing mailing list, PR and Marketing, Town Planner, Food and waste , council navigator, report writer, admin helper, and more, land adviser go getter….. etc.  Things are looking good!

We have a big project developing where we need loads of help, it isn’t even that easy to explain.

We might have talked about a possible hydro project on the Thames has been dreamt about, well that seems to have developed into..

Reading Sustainability Centre which will hopefully be located near to the river and weir and be powered by the hydro which will also produce some income towards its running costs making the centre truly sustainable. Inside the centre there will be lots of “Eco” educational displays, solar panels on the roof, ecology stuff round about outside including a green wall watered by river water driven by a water hammer (a mechanically driven water pump powered by the river itself). Some offices and meeting spaces for all the Green organisations in Reading.

We will be talking to all the other organisations, starting a website, and hoping for a partnership understanding between all of them and the council and that a “Ben Com” will be formed to own, run and manage the centre! A “Ben Com” is a special type of company which any all profits have to be used for the benefit of the local community should there be any.

All we need is lots of help!

tony — AntonyCowling at gmail dot com


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