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Abundance Reading is a project, which harvests surplus of seasonal fruit and distributes it on non-profit basis to communities and local groups. We are a team of volunteers that picks unwanted fruit from gardens and public trees in the Reading area and we distribute it to local groups and people in need.

Why? Each year lots of fruit trees go unpicked for several reason. People just don’t notice them, they may not be physically able to pick them or there may be too many fruits to pick all at one time.

Abundance aims to change this state of affairs. We want to point out the great abundance of the local food we already have and make use of it. We´d like to change people´s perception of urban areas – and believe us, once you start spotting surrounding food, you won´t be able to stop…

Do you want to get involved? We need people to pick, distribute, presereve the fruit. If you woud like to help make a difference, then please get in touch with us. Do you have a fruit tree in your garden that produces more fruit than you can use? We’re happy to help harvest the fruit. You´ll get a first share, and we´ll do our best to distribute the rest to people in need. We can come and pick fruit from most areas in Reading. Also if youknow of any fruit trees in public spaces, please get in touch.

Find out more and get in touch here!