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December 2020: In Transition

By Dhriti Dawda –

TTR Newsletter December 2020

🎅 Happy holidays! 🎅

Welcome to this month’s TTR Festive Newsletter!

Christmas Trees:

A Christmas doesn’t have to involve a ‘real’ Christmas tree! Why not try an alternative approach such as an artificial tree that can be re-used, a succulent Christmas tree, or reusable wooden trees.

For a more real Christmas tree feel, a potted Christmas tree can be taken care of and grown outside each year to brought inside during the festive season.

For those who cannot compromise on a real Christmas tree, try recycling your tree at various recycling or collection points such as the Re3 recycling centre in Reading, Bracknell and Wokingham.

Christmas decorations and gifts:

Whether you are throwing out old unwanted decorations,  starting a new Christmas decoration theme this year, or discarding broken or torn decorations,  here’s how to do it in a  safe and sustainable way. Does it really need to be thrown away, or can it be kept for future use? 

Insightful recycling Advent calendar created by Re3

34 Christmas Gifts for Her - Presents for the Women in Your Life

Christmas Dinner:

5 main tips to reduce food waste over the festive period:

  1. Buy only what is needed for the people being catered for
  2. Shop local produce to reduce food miles and packaging
  3. Using apps like OLIO and TooGoodToGo for leftover food
  4. Use vegetable peels to make stock or soup
  5. Store food properly in the refrigerator, to be enjoyed for a few extra days

🎅 Happy holidays! 🎅


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