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December 2019: In Transition.

Written by Dhriti Dawda.

Welcome to Transition Town Reading’s bi-monthly Newsletter! Here you’ll find relevant news about being more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The dark side of winter: If you find yourself eyeing the thermostat with thoughts of turning it up this winter or would like to save on energy bill costs, then it’s time to think about draught-proofing your home. This uncontrolled ventilation can cause heat loss and spaces to be colder, meaning more energy waste. The good news is that an amazing team of volunteers can help to fix this problem. Draught busters is an amazing team of volunteers that can analyse how your home can be more energy efficient and draught proof it for you. You can also see their website here for tips on how to draught proof your home on your own so you can avoid unnecessary heat loss and can also help your neighbours be more energy efficient.

Renewable energy: Reading hydro is a leading community scheme focused on just this.  The focus is on building a hydro-electric scheme on the Thames in Reading that generates energy from the power of the river. It is a community project where local people can volunteer and get involved in different roles as well as attend events which can be found on the Facebook page, as well as invest their money and later get a return on their investments. The current phase is progressing with funding to order parts for construction.

Surplus fruit in your back garden? Unable to pick it all yourself? The Abundance Reading project will harvest it for you, leave you with as much as you want and donate the rest to local communities and groups, including Reading Town Meal. Picking is done by volunteers who collect fruit from back gardens and trees in Reading. Joining in with picking is a great way to help those around you and contribute to the community, who love to receive the local abundance of fruit.  Become a volunteer or get in touch for further picking and opportunities in 2020, as the season for 2019 is now complete.

The Transition Apple Press is used to transform apples, pears and grapes into delicious juice. You can see the kit in use every year at Reading Town Meal. It is available for community and school events, and can be hired for personal use too.

Super buses in Reading? These bio-methane run buses produce 84% less Carbon Dioxide than a regular double decker bus. Food waste and cattle slurry is used in producing the bio-methane, giving it better use than to simply let it biodegrade. It’s a trial run for now so do watch this space!


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