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January 2018


This new year begins with an important update for Reading Transitioners. Alex and Rachel will soon be moving from Reading and therefore, leaving their active role in this community. We decided to thank them quoting Chris Rhodes words.
Repair Café will return this month, and Refill Reading is involving more and more cafes.

Big thank you, Alex and Rachel

“I think we all received this news with a mixture of celebration for this new phase of your life, but sadness too, because we are really going to miss both you and Rachel, of whom we have grown very fond!

You both arrived at a critical time (at the end of 2012) for TTR, and the group would almost certainly have folded without your fresh energy and input; you have also been the linchpin in sustaining it since then. You have brought to fruition many new ideas, particularly the Repair Cafe which has become the flagship project, and your more recent involvement in the Refill Reading campaign, to mention but two”.

We all wish you and Rachel a very Happy and successful New Year and new phase of life!

Repair Cafè
12 – 4.30pm | Sunday 21st January

The first Repair Café in 2018 will take place in the Main Hall above the RISC cafe. There will be limited parking available accessible from East Street. Reading Bike Kitchen will be joining us to fix your bike!

What can we fix:
Computers (Hardware and software)

  • Electronic and electrical items
  • Blunt and broken tools
  • Clothing and textiles
  • Bikes
There will be tea, coffee and cake, and everything is free.  Donations are always welcome to help keep Repair Cafe going.

If you’d like more information contact us at and see our FB page for details of future events Reading Repair Café

Refill Reading Campaign grows bigger

The number of cafes which joined the Refill Reading Campaign is now gone up to 18 and the first batch of cups is almost sold out!
Here is the complete list, including new partners such as the recently renovated MERL, Museum of English Rural Life:

  • Nomad Bakery
  • Picnic Foods
  • Shed
  • Boswells Cafe
  • Nibsy’s Coffee Shop
  • Palmer’s Cafe (Reading Museum)
  • The Hexagon Cafe
  • Sparks Cafe (SSE offices)
  • Parkside Cafe
  • Waring’s Bakery (multiple cafes across Reading)
  • Ground Up Cafe (Reading Climbing Centre)
  • MERL (Museum of English Rural Life)

Want to find the nearest Refill café? There you go
More to come…

Reading 2050 @ University of Reading

Join “Urban Room”, “Great Place Project” and “Art and Culture” to discuss the future of Reading and to learn more about it.
Check program here
Learn More about Reading 2050


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