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September in TTR!

Steering Group Meeting: Monday 1 September, 7:30pm, Great Expectations Pub (33 London St)

Business meeting where we look at our communications, review finances and funding and looking at how we can be more effective as a group. We don’t really look at specific projects in this meeting, so not the most interesting for first timers. Targeted at steering group members but open to everyone.

Berry picking, jam making and bake-off! Saturday 7 September, 12 noon – 5pm, Amersham Road Community Centre (RG4 5BP)

The first Abundance event of 2014! We are running a berry picking and jam making day on Sunday 7 September. It’s in conjunction with a community bake-off that’s happening on the same day. The event is being run in partnership with Reading Food Growing Network and Amersham Road residents. We’re looking for someone to lead on the jam making, if you’re a jam expert please get in touch (see below).

The plan for the day is:
12noon – Berry picking in Lower Caversham (meet at Amersham Road Community Centre – bring tupperware boxes/bags for storing your fruit!)
1pm – Picnic in Amersham Road Community Garden
2pm – Bring cakes to enter bake-off (note: optional theme is seasonal fruit!)
2:30pm – Jam making begins and cake judging / eating (everyone votes) 
4:30pm – Winners announced (judges favorite and public favorite: children, teenager and adult rounds!)
ALSO other related / relevant stall holders welcome, particularly allotment holders with excess harvest.
Get in touch if you’re interested in:
Berry picking/jam making, Abundance, stalls – Alex

Bake-off –

REQUEST FOR HELP! If you are able to pick an icecream box or two-full of blackberries, damsons or elderberries between now and 7 September, just in case the season is already over / they are all picked already, that would be fab! 
AND Please save any empty jars you may have for this event. If you can let us know what you might be able to bring, that would help us plan. 
If you have a favorite jam we can make with these ingredients, please let us know and you can lead some of the jam making. Let us know if there are any additional ingredients in advance so we can buy them beforehand.

Projects Meeting: Monday 15 September, 7:30pm at Great Expectations Pub

Come along for updates on and next steps about ongoing and new projects. We’re particularly looking for people to take an active role in leading the Local Economy Conference and helping with Abundance. If you have new ideas for projects, this is a great opportunity to bounce them off other interested people, get feedback and support. 

June Repair Cafe: *Saturday20 September, 10am – 3pm at Jackson’s

Repair Cafe’s venue for September is Jackson’s in the town centre (the former department store)! We’re going to trial being on a Saturday from 10am to 3pm to tie in with Reading Bicycle Kitchen. Come along, get things repaired, or learn to repair them yourself. We’ll have the usual:
Bikes (as part of the Bicycle Kitchen) 
Clothing / textiles
Mechanical items
Tool sharpening and more
Homebaking, tea and coffee also available. No charge for Repair Cafe, but donations very welcome to help continue Repair Cafe
See more at or 
If you would like to find out about volunteering for Repair Cafe, or subscribe to the volunteering email

Basingstoke Green Week – Social event: Saturday 20 September, 4pmonwards, Brookvale village hall (RG21 7RU)

We’ve been invited to a social event at Basingstoke Green Week by Basingstoke Transition Network. There’s going to be pizza making workshop from 4pm, bring your own beer and a contribution to the table. The event is at Brookvale Village hall, RG21 7RU, a short walk from the station. They’d like an indication of numbers in advance, please contact Alex at if you can come.
There is a whole week of Green events happening in Basingstoke from 20th – 27th as part of the Green week, see more details.


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