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Approach from Dr Richard Nunes at Reading University

This is my response to an email from Dr Nunes asking if we might be interested in his research on Transition in society at Reading University. The links are below his message if anyone is interested, along with his contact details.. I don’t see any direct connection between what they are doing and TT Reading just yet, but as things progress, perhaps. It’s good to know that Transition is being taken seriously, even in academia now!

Dear Richard,

a very interesting piece – especially as I am a Springsteen fan! The comments to your blog posting are entirely salient, and it is good to be reminded that Transition is not new, in the sense of the establishment of “ecclesia” in response to the Pax Romana. If there has been an effective Pax Universalis since the end of WWII, of a global world economy, which is failing due to failing resources, especially crude oil, or will do so shortly, then Transition might be seen as a community-led response.

Seriously, I think that transitioning Reading will be no mean undertaking. The “successful” T-towns – that is to say, with an Energy Descent Plan, which is core to the philosophy and business of Transition – are those with populations of < 10,000, out in the sticks somewhere.

In Reading, we have a population of around 250,000, and are highly dependent on London to bring money into the town. An almost equal number of workers commute out of Reading daily (mostly to London) and from the surrounds, many from London, to do jobs in Reading for which there is an insufficient local skills-base.

Reading remains a town – as in the name of the football club – but is the size of many cities. Therefore, our problems/challenges are quite different from say, Totnes, Lewes, Dunbar, Lampeter, Kinsale etc. where at least a plan has been devised. Even there, however, putting the plan into practice to become effectively “oil-free” over a period of 20 years, is another matter.

Meanwhile, we are working on devising an EDAP for Reading, which is very much a “work in progress”.

I am forwarding the link to other members of the TT Reading group.(I thought posting it on the blog here would be the best way)



On 06/03/2012 11:14, Richard J. Nunes wrote:
Dear Prof. Rhodes,

We met briefly at the RCCP ‘Reading means business on climate change’ in
January. It was a pleasure meeting you, Justin(?) and Ornella. I just want to share with you a blog post that was uploaded last week; there is a link to our research on Transition in that post as well. Also, there are a couple of comments already and I would welcome your thoughts. I will set aside some time later this week to reply to comments.

If there is anyone in the TT Reading network who might be interested in our research, please forward the link to them.


Dr. Richard J. Nunes
Lecturer in Real Estate and Planning
Henley Business School
University of Reading
Whiteknights Campus
Tel: +44(0) 118 378 6229
Mbl:+44(0) 790 656 8558
Skype: r.j.nunes229

New MSc/PG
Dip/PG Cert International Planning and Sustainable Urban Management

New Territorial Development, Cohesion and Spatial Planning (2011)

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