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Reading Abundance

Have you ever noticed trees hanging with delicious looking fruit, only to see it a couple of weeks later lying unpicked and wasted on the ground? There are hundreds of trees all over Reading, some in private gardens, some in public spaces, and tonnes of fruit and nuts that end up going to waste every year.

If we knew where those trees were, and if we gathered a bunch of willing volunteers and fresh fruit lovers together then we could prevent that waste. Instead of rotten fruit on the ground, we’d have great tasting free fruit, jams, juice and cider, not to mention nuts as well, if we can get them before those pesky squirrels!

That’s what Transition Town Reading, in conjunction with RISC, would like to do. If you know of a public tree where the fruit goes to waste, or if you have a tree in your garden and you never quite manage to make use of all the fruit, then please let us know. Private owners will have first choice of the fruit from your garden of course, but also a band of willing volunteers to help you pick it and prevent it going to waste. Importantly we also need volunteers to help us pick, preserve, juice and ferment all that lovely abundance.

Abundance was first started in Sheffield, take a look at their website for more information and inspiration about what we could create here in Reading.  Sheffield Abundance

If you know of a local public tree that doesn’t get picked let us know the type of tree, and it’s location and we can add it to our Google map. Better yet, go right ahead and add it yourself! Just please make sure it’s not someone else’s private award winning fruit tree!

To find out more, or to join our volunteers please contact or look up the brand new website: Reading Abundance

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