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Oh, What A Night!

Hot August NightA million thanks to every one who turned out to support us at our first public event – Transition Comes to Reading! I think the team would agree that the evening surpassed expectations in almost every way. If you were there, I sincerely hope you were feeding on the common sense of hope and positive energy as we were. Additional thanks go to those of you who stayed on after the In Transition screening to give your input, in spite of the somewhat stifling conditions.

All of your input is valuable to us. We are taking forward the ideas that you proposed that evening and would urge you all to attend our next meeting. Full details can be found here.

The Transition model is a refreshingly positive approach to a set of problems that may seem insurmountable right now, but if we try our hardest to make our neighbourhoods more resilient ones, we might just do it together!

See you next time!

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